Mmmmm.....hmmmm........talking about savory rice means we are talking about our willingness to spend several hours of the day in the kitchen. Why? Because we have to cook at least 4 dishes, exclude the savory rice itself, as the "gravy".

Now, it's story telling time.....hehehehe.....(is this foodie blog or story blog :)). As we know, for Malaysian and Singaporean this meal set known as Nasi Lemak, but in Indonesia, we called it Nasi Uduk, and both have different serving style. For nasi lemak, it served with lots of choices of meat and vegies (incl. fried chicken wing, fried egg, long green bean stir fried, etc), but nasi uduk served with fried vermicelli, fried tempe, fried shrimp chilli, balado egg.

The rice itself has a special fragrant, cos it was cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaf (yeayyy......at last, I found pandan leaves at Asian Market few days ago ;)).

Myself, I served nasi uduk together with :
1. Sambal Goreng Buncis (fried green bean chilli)
4. Rendang Ayam (chicken rendang)
Actually, I planned to fry shrimp crackers as well, but, it was forgotten cos I am too tired :(.......
Anyway, the good thing is my hubby loved it so much. He likes the rice, cos it has different fragrance than normal rice.
So, now let me share my savory rice with you ;). This theme will be continue for next few days, as I will post the savory rice recipe only today.
Ough.....about the recipe, really forgive me cos I forgot I got from whom this recipe cos I got it quite long time ago :(

Nasi Uduk / Savory Rice

500 gram uncooked rice
600 cc coconut milk
1/2 tbsp salt
2 pieces of bay leaves
2 pieces of pandan leaves, knotted
1 tsp ground coriander

Rinse and steam rice for 25 minutes or half cooked.
Simmered coconut milk together with salt, bay leaves, pandan leaves and coriander.
Shift the rice to a big pan, then pour boiling coconut milk. Stir it with low heat until the coconut milk absorbed.
Shift it back to steamer, steam until steamed well (about 40 minutes)
Ready to serve.

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