Haaaaa.....I'm a bit confused, why this dish named "Ikan Masak Hijau"? Because from the look, it is not green at all. Yea.....it used few pieces of bird's eye chilli, but........ahhhh never mind, name is not important. The most important here is the TASTE of the food :).
Anyway, it tasted quite good, really Indonesian dish (of course it is came from Indonesia). I got the recipe from 1010 Indonesian original recipes, but I modified a bit based on the availability of my kitchen drawer :).
When we had our dinner my hubby gave a comment for this dish,"all asian foods are tasted similar!"....hooooooo, might be that's true, cos for South East Asian countries we used same herbs, such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, pandan leaves, galangal, etc which are for western people, those herbs are not in common.
For me, today's dinner was really delicious, especially when we ate, all the foods were warm (including the rice). So, do you wanna join us? ;)

Ikan Masak Hijau

2 pieces fish fillet, cut into big chunk
4 tbsp vegetable oil
10 cloves shallots, sliced thinly
1 slice galangal, smashed
1 stalk lemon grass, smashed
50 cc water

Spices & Herbs, ground it with mortar & pestle:
5 pieces bird's eye chilli
5 pieces candlenut
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 slice ginger
1 tsp salt

Stir fry all ingredients except fish until fragrant. Add in fish, stirred until the color of the fish changed (cooked well). Pour in water, cook it until the water reduced. Turn off the heat, dish it out. Serve hot.

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