Hainan rice, also known as chicken rice is a good choice if you don't want a troublesome cook but tasty. This is became one of my fave food beside fish soup when I was in Singapore. I remember, at lunch time I liked to order either chicken rice or fish soup and my ex-colleagues knew my menu already :).

Oh ya, an information for you guys, the best chicken rice I ever ate in Singapore is Five Stars Chicken Rice. They have several stalls islandwide, but the one that I used to eat is at EastCoast area ;).

The recipe that I got from Esther's Blog is really good, though I add more chicken broth cos I like softer rice.
Are you tempted already to try it? ;)

Hainan / Chicken Rice

For The Chicken:
4 pieces of chicken thighs,
3 teaspoons of salt,
3 thin slices of ginger,
9 cups of water,
3 teaspoons of sesame oil,
2 teaspoons of oyster sauce

For The Rice:
3 cups of rice (wash it only once to keep the vitamins),
3 teaspoons of minced ginger,
3 teaspoons of minced garlic,
5 teaspoons of sesame oil,
5 teaspoons of fish sauce,
1/2 tsp pepper

For The Soup:
a pinch of preserved vegetable (Tong Cai),
1 stem of scallions (cut into thin slices) ,
a few stem of cilantro (just pick the leaves)

For The Chicken:
Marinate the 4 pieces chicken thighs with salt and leave for 15 minutes, then boil it in the water and add the thin slices ginger. Wait until the chickens are cook then take the chickens out of the pot and put it aside (separate from the broth). Shred the chicken then mix it with sesame oil and oyster sauce.

For The Rice:
Steam rice for about 20 minutes or half cooked. Meanwhile, heat up a pan, put in the sesame oil, then the minced ginger, stir fry for 30 seconds under high heat, then put in the minced garlic. Lastly, put in the steamed rice then stir fry until all the other ingredients mixed well. Next, put in the mixed rice into a rice cooker and add 5-1/2 cups of chicken broth (From cooking the chicken earlier), then let it cook like regular rice.

For The Soup:
Heat up the left over chicken broth and add the preserved vegetable. Let the soup boil then put it into a serving bowl and add the cut scallion and cilantro leaves.

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