At Semarang - Indonesia, there are a famous snack named Wingko Babat. I dunno why people named it Wingko Babat. When I was a kid, I always thought this snack is made from honeycomb tripe (babat) :), and now I know it made from coconut and glutinuous rice flour.
Some people like to add durian meat in it so the durian will give a different flavor in every bite of wingko. For those who like durian for sure will like wingko durian, but for those who dislike durian....hohooho....I warned you to run far away from it! :).
My hubby made a name for durian. He called it as "taste like heaven smell like hell's fruit" :). He never eat durian, so I am worried that he dislike it. That's why I made my own wingko ;), and I named it Jackfruit Wingko (Wingko Nangka). It tasted so good, the sweetness from the jackfruit is blended with the crunchy coconut. And.....my hubby loved it so much :). Now, the rests are few wingko only. So....hurry grab one for yourself, orrrrr if you want some more.....this is the recipe ;).
Tell me your opinion after you make.....Jackfruit Wingko... ;) ;)

Wingko Nangka (Jackfruit Wingko)

250 gram glutinuous rice flour
250 gram grated coconut
100 gram raw sugar
2 pieces of eggs
75 gram margarine/butter
150 cc coconut milk
1 can of Jackfruit, diced

Mix margarine and sugar, mixed it with an electronic mixer until fluffy. Add the egg one by one, mixed well for 20 minutes.
Add glutinuous rice flour, grated coconut and coconut milk, mixed well. Add in jackfruits, mixed well.
Heat the pan with low heat, brush it with oil then scope 1 big spoonful batter and make a round form. Grilled it until well done.

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