For our breakfast this morning, I made sushi rolls. SUSHI ROLL??? Don't worry, this is a bit different from the normal sushi. I used bread instead of rice. No need to cook such a troublesome food for your breakfast. The easy and fast way is the best for those who need to be hurry every morning. And also, it's good to bring it as lunch for your little one :).
Do you wanna try it??

Sushi Roll

10 pieces of wheat bread, skinned
10 pieces of BBQ Turkey
10 sheets of nori seaweed
4 eggs, boiled
20 pieces of shrimps, peeled, fried with butter and chopped.
2 avocados, diced
3 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp butter/margarine

Side Dishes:
Wasabi paste
Ginger pickles
Egg shrimp mayonnaise: mashed boiled eggs with a fork, add mayonnaise and shrimp, mixed well.
Place a sheet of bread and layered with bbq turkey. Roll it until thinly rolled.
Position the nori seaweed sheets on the surface you intend on eating from, and place the sushi bread on the seaweed.
Place one spoonful egg shrimp mayonnaise and one spoonful avocado in the centre and roll to form sushi.
Cut it into pieces, and serve it with ginger pickles and wasabi paste

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