Few days ago I made fermented cassava (tape singkong), and there is plenty of it in my fridge. Now, it made me confused what I want to make from fermented cassava. Then, I remember that I have a recipe of bread puding from Dapur Bunda, so I searched in my recipes' file, and......by modified here and there, here we are.......Jackfruits Bread Puding ala Belzy's Kitchen.
When my hubby saw the puding with cheese, his first comment is,"I won't eat it. I never eat anything like this, salty and sweet mixed together". Hoooo.......it made me a bit disappointed. But then, I tried my best to make him eat it, even that is just a bite of it. At last, he gave up and tried a bite.....and..........he ate some more, and this time he changed his comment,"Wow, it tasted good!". Gosh....I am so relieved after hear his last comments. He said that the taste of the puding is different than he thought, the cheese didn't give any salty taste, only giving chewy texture when you bite it. But that's true. You should try it then you'll have same comment like him ;).

Jackfruits Bread Puding

10 pieces of bread
100 gram raw sugar
175 ml coconut milk
5 yolk eggs
75 ml water
100 gram fermented cassava (tape singkong)
1 can jackfruits, diced
4 slices cheese

Tear up the bread. Set aside.
Mix egg and sugar, mixed until the sugar dissolved. Then add in coconut milk, mixed well.
Add in breads into the batter, mix until breads are all wet. Pour in water until breads are awash.
Add in fermented cassava and jackfruit, mixed well.
Fold the bread into a pan. Place cheese on top of the bread until the bread full covered.
Bake it into preheated oven 350 degrees F (180C) for 30 minutes or until it baked well. Cool it down before you cut it.

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