This week is my beefy week :). After Sate Padang and Greek Beef (I'll post the recipe next time), now Soto Betawi which is my fave soto since I was a kid. Betawi itself means Jakarta, so when you go to Jakarta you can find either gerobak keliling or stalls which are selling this food.
The name of this food may vary, some people called it Soto Betawi or Soto Tangkar or Soto Jakarta.

I got the recipe from NCC by mba Fatmah (errrr....I modified a bit the recipe....a bit only;)). Luckily, I can find all the herbs that needed for my Soto Betawi .... (this is what I like from USA, nowadays you can find almost all asian herbs and spices here), but for my soto betawi, I use beef only since I can't find cow's innards here.

Unfortunately, this is not my hubby's fave dish. He prefers sate padang than soto betawi. He said the beef wasn't as tender as sate padang.....of course it wasn't because I boiled the beef for sate padang for 3 hours :).

Anyway, I am so satisfied today cause I ate Soto Betawi already..........yummm.....wanna join with me? Come ..... ;)

Note: Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need a recipe in English :)

Soto Betawi

Bahan :
250 gr daging sapi has dalam
500 ml susu segar / santan (Belzy -- I prefer santan)
1500 ml air

Bumbu halus :
3 sdm sambal oelek
10 bh bawang merah
7 bh bawang putih
1 sdt merica bubuk
1 iris jahe
2 sdt jinten
4 lbr daun salam
2 btg serai, geprek
1 sdt cengkih bubuk
5 sdm minyak goreng

Pelengkap :
2 bh tomat iris
2 buah kentang, potong dadu, goreng
1 btg daun bawang, iris halus
1 btg daun seledri, iris halus
Bawang goreng, emping goreng, sambel cabe rawit, acar.

Cara membuat :
Rebus daging dan 1 sdm garam hingga empuk, angkat dagingnya potong dadu, sisihkan.
Tumis semua bumbu masukkan kedalam air daging , masukkan juga daging yg sudah dipotong-potong, tambahkan santan, didihkan.
Sajikan soto dalam mangkuk, beri irisan tomat, kentang goreng, daun bawang seledri dan bawang goreng.
Hidangkan bersama emping, sambal dan acar dlm tempat terpisah.

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