Actually, I baked this cake last week when the weather wasn't as hot as this week.....We have 107`F (42`C) for the whole week....this is really HOT!!

Ok....back to my cake now. Last 2 weeks I tried to make fermented cassava (tape singkong), actually this is my second trial to made it. My first one was a bit failed, it might failed cause of I didn't keep it at a cool place, so my cassava didn't turn 100% fermented. Then, when my second tape was successful, I made bluder tape which is one of my mom's signature cake besides a thousand layers cake a.k.a kue lapis :).

This cake is soooooo sweet though I substituted the raw sugar with splenda. My hubby dislike it, I think cause he is not get used to "too sweet" things already. So, I packed the cake and gave it to my hubby's friend at his workplace.....(arghhhhh what a waste).....

Myself liked it so much, cause its been long time I didn't eat fermented cassava, also, bluder tape. But it's ok, I ate some of them already....hehehehehe....

Okie dokie.....if you want to try my bluder tape, here you are......

Bluder Tape

500 gr tape singkong
200 gr all-purpose flour
100 gr gula pasir (Belzy -- I substituted with Splenda)
2 sdm susu kental manis
1 sdm vanili essence
10 butir kuning telur
6 butir putih telur
150 gram mentega
50 gram kismis

Cara Membuat:
Kocok telur dan mentega dengan mixer kecepatan tinggi hingga mengembang. Kemudian masukkan terigu sedikit demi sedikit sambil diaduk rata (mixer kecepatan rendah atau aduk dengan spatula).

Tambahkan gula dan susu kental manis, aduk rata. Terakhir, masukkan tape singkong yang sudah dihaluskan dan kismis, aduk merata.

Tuang ke dalam loyang yang sudah diolesi mentega dan ditaburi tepung terigu. Panggang ke dalam oven dengan suhu 350`F (180`C) yang sudah dipanasi terlebih dahulu. Panggang hingga matang (kurleb 45 menit)

Angkat dari oven, keluarkan dari loyang. Dinginkan terlebih dahulu sebelum dipotong-potong. Sajikan sebagai teman minum kopi/teh.

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