Hiyaaaa..........I received my 1st award from my friends, Tata and Jenny (thank you so much girls :)). Today is my first day checking on my blog again after I became a "lan zhu" (= lazy pig) by never updating and taking photos, I found a message from Jenny who is wrote that I got an award from Tata and her. I'm quite surprised cos this is my first award, same as Tata, to me, when I know my blog read by someone or received comments or messages from readers, it made me happy already :).

Since this is my first award and I don't know how and what should I do, so I tracked down the rule ...... and same with Tata and Jenny, I don't understand how it works.....*sobz*.

Anyway, I wanna share with you my first award ;).....

Mmmmm.........I still can't decide 10 blogs who are deserved to received this award since there is more than 10 good blogs that I like.........hmmmm........think, I will skip it for today, and decide it later ;)......

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  1. Belz, sori baru mampir sini. Aku lg terserang virus males ngeblog. Thanks ya udah diambil n dipajang awardnya. I do love ur blog :D