Hmmmm actually, I don't really sure is it including cookies or cakes? Because the texture likes cookies but most of people called it "kue nastar" (pineapple tart).

Anyway, it is one of my mom's signature snack besides cheese stick and spekkoek. Why I said so? Because for our family and my mom's ex-customers, mom's nastar is the best. The nastar's texture is so soft yet crunchy.

When I was a kid, I get used to help mom everytime the order came. Usually our busiest times are on Christmas, Chinese New Year and Aidil Fitri. So, based on my experience helping my mom baking nastar, today I challenged myself to bake nastar (I think, last time I baked nastar about 5 years ago!). However, it's not that hard baking nastar, also the ingredients are very simple and easy to found everywhere.

Nastar (Pineapple Tart)

For the Pineapple Jam:
2 big pineapple, peeled
200 gr sugar (depend on the pineapple, you need to use more sugar if the pineapples are sour)
4 pieces of kaffir lime leaves

For the Pineapple Jam:
Wash pineapples and drained (do not wash it with salt, it will produce more juices)
Shred the pineapple, and filter it overnight until no more juice left.
Combine the shredded pineapple, sugar and kaffir lime leaves on a skillet. Cook it with low heat and stir it thoroughly until it form sticky jam (do not leave the pineapple while it is cooked if you won't get burnt jam). Cooling down before you keep it in the fridge. Ready to use.


  1. gua males bikin selainya...males ngupas nanasnya, tp kalo makan nastarnya rajin :P...kalo ada hahaha///

  2. hahahhaah......tapi emang bikin nastar tuh ribet di bagian selai nya, kalo selainya uda jadi sih bikin nastarnya sendiri ga gitu ribet :). Uda mana nanas fresh di sini mahalnya aujubile......kalo di indo bisa dapet banyak dah...