Cold...cold....and cold....it's the time to eat hot foods or drink hot drinks :). And our choices for 'another' soup this week is......oxtail soup!! Yeayyyy...... :)
This is my second time cooking oxtail soup. My first one didn't as good as the second oxtail soup, because that time I didn't boil the oxtail long enough, so the meat was hard and sticking to the bone, and it made little bit hard to eat it :(.
But this time, I used my pressure cooker and everything is as per my expectation :). The meat is so tender, no more fighting and struggling with the bone when you eat it :). And the soup is so thick with beef broth.....hmmmm really a good choice in this cold season. My hubby lovedddd it so much :).
Also, this time I used different recipe (with a little bit modification). Though this one is more complicated (as I need to panbroil the garlic and shallot) but it is worthed!!

Oxtail Soup

1 kg oxtail
1.5 liter water
250 gr potatoes, diced into big chunk
300 gr carrots, cut into big chunk
3 stalks of chinese celery, knotted
3 pieces of tomatoes, sliced
2 stalks of spring onion, cut into matches size

Spice Paste:
8 cloves garlic, panbroiled (don't peeled the skin)
10 cloves shallot, panbroiled (don't peeled the skin)

1 tsp pepper
1 piece of nutmeg (Belzy -- I used 1 tsp nutmeg powder)
5 pieces of clove (Belzy -- I used 1/2 tsp clove powder)
4 cm ginger, smashed
2 cloves of garlic, panbroiled with the skin, smashed
Salt and sugar (to tasted)

2 tbsp chinese celery, minced
2 tbsp fried garlic
1 piece of lime, squeezed
Chilli, crackers
Indonesian sweet soy sauce.

In a big stew pan, boil oxtail with boiling water, boil until the water boiling again. Drain the oxtail, throw the water.
Boil oxtail in another clean 1.5 liter boiling water and add in herbs, boil with low heat until oxtails are tender (approx. 5 hours if you use regular boil pan, but you only need 30 minutes to boil the oxtail if you use pressure cooker). If you use pressure cooker to boil the oxtail, after the oxtails are tender, remove the oxtail and broth into big stew pan.

In a skillet, stir fry spice pasted until fragrant, stir in carrot and potato. Pour in 300 ml oxtail broth, boil it until boiling. Then, remove them back to the big stew pan, re-boiling. Add in knotted chinese celery, boiled well until the carrot and potato are tender. Right before you turn off the heat, add in tomato and spring onion.
Serve it hot with lime squeezed, Indonesian sweet soy sauce, chilli, fried garlic and crackers.
Bon Appetite!!

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