Es Cendol is Indonesian traditional drink made from rice flour and served with coconut milk, palm sugar and ice cubes (or shaved ice). For Indonesian people, usually we drink it as a great refreshment when the weather is hot. Also, most people like to drink it on Fasting Season when they finished their fasting on that day.

By living far away from Indonesia where its only few Indo restaurant selling es cendol, so I tried to make es cendol by myself. I never make cendol before, as in Indonesia, there are plenty of cendol available at supermarket or wet market. And, suprisingly, it is really easy to make it, not as hard as my imagination :). The only different from the normal cendol which is in small shape, mine is quite big, because I don't have cendol mold, so I used the rice cooker steamer which has big round holes.

Anyway, I'm so happy cos I can make cendol, and I served it with jackfruits. My hubby liked it, though it is not his fave :).

Es Cendol

100 gr hunkwe flour (hunkwe flour = mung bean flour)
50 gr rice flour
100 ml pandan juice (100 ml water + 1/2 tbsp pandan paste)
600 ml water
1 tsp salt
1000 ml cold water
2 packs of ice cubes

Palm Sugar Syrup (boiled):
500 gr palm sugar
100 gr raw sugar
200 ml water
3 sheets of pandanus leaf

Coconut Milk (boiled):
1500 ml coconut milk (Belzy -- 800 ml water + 400 ml coconut milk "Kara")
1 tsp salt
2 sheets of pandanus leaf

1 can of jackfruit, diced
Ice cubes or shaved ice

1. Mix hunkwe flour, rice flour, pandan juice, water and salt. Mixed well (make sure no more lumps in the batter).
2. Stir rice flour mixture on high heat until boiling and thick (paste-like)
3. Prepare cold water and ice cubes in a big bowl. Place the cendol mold on the bowl, then drain the cendol paste with cendol mold (or any kind of mold with round holes). Press the cendol mixture (it will go out of the mold as roundish short cendol). Let it soaked in the cold water to make it solid.

How to Serve:
Pour palm sugar syrup into a tall glass, add jackfruit, cendol and coconut milk (separate layers). Add ice cubes or shaved ice if desired.

Yield: 8 glasses


  1. ahahaa... kok gampang yaakk.. pinteran ajah kepikiran pake kukusan nasi yak. huahahhaa... gue mo coba ahh.. rasanya kenyal ga??

  2. iyaaaa El, ga gitu susah bikinnya, gue pikir juga susah bikin cendol :). Kan tiada akar batang pun jadi, yang penting bentuknya bulet2 lonjong gitu, ukuran sih kalo uda dicampur santen ama gula ga gitu keliatan :).
    Mungkin kalo nanti elo bikin, cendolnya jangan kelamaan direndem di aer dingin el, kira2 dia uda solid, langsung elo keringin aernya. Soale kmaren gue kelamaan direndem di aer, jadi pas cendol2 terakhir tuh jadi garing2 gitu...