Today is my birthday...........my very first birthday since I arrived US, and my first bday as a wife :). This year, it is quite unique and different than years before. From got big surprise from my hubby until received loads of wishes from friends thru FB.
Anyway, this time I have no cakes nor candles to blow. The only "must do" thing is eating birthday noodle with those red (or pink) quail's eggs :). When my mom still alive, every morning on my bday, a bowl of birthday noodle were waiting for me when I woke up. So, today I made birthday noodle by myself.

How, why and what is birthday noodle? What is the difference between birthday noodle and regular noodle. Actually, its just fried noodle with additional red quail's eggs. In Chinese, when someone is bday, they must eat noodles, because noodles are long, so its like a wish or sign that the bday boy/girl having a long life ahead. And the red egg (for the red color) means prosperous and happiness.

I did post fried noodle before, so now I will share with you how to make red quail's egg....

Red Quail's Egg

10 pieces quail eggs, boiled and peeled
1 tsp red coloring food
300 ml water

Combine and boil red coloring food and water until boiling. Place in quail eggs, and boil for 3 minutes or until the whole eggs are red.
Dish it out and drain it. Ready to use.


  1. mertua gua jg selalu bikin terlor merah buat siapa aja yg ultah (kecuali gua lah)..ngikutinnya tanggalan cina lagi, siapa yg inget coba..

  2. huaaaa gileee tanggalan cina......dulu sih masih ada nyokap, masih ada yang inget tanggalan cina, lahhh skarang....hahaaa bablas udah :). tapi emang ya nyokap2 jadul tuh emang pada ahli ama tanggalan cina :))