Since I moved to Seattle, I was tempted to make deep fried meatball made of pork as it's been long time I never eat deep fried meatball.

First, I got the recipe from my friend in Indonesia but for some reason, I never make it. Then, I saw this recipe from Esther's blog few months ago, but still something kept me from making this delicious finger food. Until today, at last.....I did it!! And only one word......DELICIOUS!

The only problem is I can't make the ball round and smooth....heez this always become my problem everytime I make meatball (same as my Beef Meatballs, the shape is crooked too). But it didn't lessen my satisfaction when I saw my hubby liked it :).

Deep Fried Meatball (Baso Goreng)

2 lbs minced shrimp (Belzy -- I used 1.5 lbs only)
1 lb minced pork
250 grams fish paste
250 grams tapioca starch (Belzy -- I used 175 grams only)
6 pieces of egg
2 teaspoons minced garlic (Belzy -- I used the whole bunch garlic)
1 teaspoon pepper
Fish Sauce
Vegetable oil
Mix all ingredients, shape it like balls then deep fried in the pan of vegetable oil. Wait until the balls turn into brown golden color. Then it is ready to serve. Good snack to eat at anytime of the day.


  1. Buk, bakso gorengnya semangkok yang pake daging capi yaaa hihihihi. Biar gak bunder seser tapi kalo ajib ayo2 wae lah :D

  2. huaaa.....baso goreng sapi.....bole juga tuhhhh........tar bikin ahhhh.....eh say, kita rame2 bikin baso goreng dari sapi yukkkk trus tar kita posting buat liat model2 baso sapi pada bulet mulus ato peyang2 kayak daku punya....wahahahaha.... :)

  3. Mahaaaaalllllll..... huhuhuhu... yang murah ayam aja hahaha

  4. huehehehe........boleeeee....ayam juga enakkkk.....aku da ajakin chizzy juga sih...hahah kalo mau tar kita ajakin jenny dkk...hahaahah...kita bikin pesta baso goreng :))