I got this recipe from my friend who lived in California via PHONE......yeahhhh that's true. We liked to called each other for asking recipe only ;). And, lately we often exchanged recipes :). Unfortunately, she doesn't have a blog :(.

Chicken Enchilada is so closed with CHEESE (so for cheese lover, you should try this!), cause the main ingredient is cheese (to me). And, I named it fusion chicken enchilada, because it is not the original enchilada which is sold at Mexican Restaurant, and it revised for asian taste :).
The combination between tortilla, chicken and cheese are really tasted heavenly!!

Fusion Chicken Enchilada

1 package (10 pieces) of Tortilla
4 pieces of chicken fillet, diced
2 pieces of onion, diced
1 package of shredded cheddar cheese
1 can soup of mushroom (I used Campbell's)
1-1/2 cups sour cream
2 tbsps chilli sauce (I used Sriracha Rooster chilli sauce)
1/2 glass of water
2 tbsp butter
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

1. Filling: Stir fry onion, chicken, pepper and salt with butter in a pan with medium heat until fragrant and cooked well.

2. Scoope 2 tbsps filling on a tortilla, and pour cheddar cheese on top of the filling, then fold it just like fold a lumpia, and repeat it with the rest of the filling. Place all tortillas in a pyrex (or any other baking pan). Set aside.

3. In a bowl, mix soup of mushroom, sour cream, chilli sauce and water, mixed well. Pour it onto tortillas until all tortillas are coated with the creamy mixture.

4. Bake tortillas in a preheated oven (350F/180C), for 25 minutes. Take the pan out, and pour cheddar cheese on it, then bake it again for another 5 minutes. Ready to serve.

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