Another kind of sushi that I made :). This one is more easy than california roll sushi, but it tasted good tho. I just simply fallin' in love with sushi now :).

Tuna Maki Sushi

250 gr sushi rice
1 piece of english cucumber - remove seeds and cut into strip (10 cm long and 1/2 cm thick)
1 can tuna
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp sugar
5 sheets of nori, halved -full sheets are halved width-wise by folding and then carefully pulling the sheet apart
50 gr masago (flying fish roe)
A bowl of tezu (Belzy - combine water with 1 tsp rice vinegar for moistening your finger tips)
Wasabi and Japanese mayonnaise (optional)

Lay nori on the rolling bamboo, put sushi rice on top of it and spread it evenly (leave the edge empty).
In a small bowl, mix tuna with lemon juice and sugar. Then, spread the tuna mixture in the middle of sushi rice. Place english cucumber, masago and wasabi (if desire). Roll it with the rolling bamboo until the end. Don't forget to squeeze it a bit (don't too hard, it will make the filling out from the edges of sushi).
Cut it into slices before serving. Enjoy!


  1. duhh.. kapan yah bikin sushi lagi.. jadi kangen, hehhee...

  2. hr minggu kmaren g bikin sushi, bel.
    rasa??? average
    penampilan?? horrible
    ....wkwkkwkwkwk.... g musti berguru ma elo neh: cara menggulung sushi ^_^

  3. @Xiao: ayooo xiao bikin lagi sushi nya :). Maap yak jeng baru di reply skarang :)

  4. @Foxglove: hiii....gpp, soal gulung menggulung mah kalo elo sering practice sih bakal jadi cakep deh nantinya :). yang penting rasa enak kan :)