Lately, I craved sushi alot and it made my hubby fed up company me to buy the sushi. So, he suggested me to make sushi by myself, and, few days ago we went to Uwajimaya to buy sushi ingredients.

I am so excited to make those sushi, and since I know I am a beginner in sushi-making so I choosed a simple kind of sushi. California Roll is my first sushi this time. It wasn't hard to make sushi but the only thing that I missed is the sushi rice-making. I always think sushi rice-making was only cooked rice mixed with vinegar, but....not that simple!! There are few steps on the sushi rice-making. Its quite troublesome if you only make small amount of sushi *better just buy it at Japanese resto if you buy few rolls only*

The taste is not bad at all, and I made almost 10 huge rolls sushi *really satisfied ate those sushi this time*. My hubby has the same comments with me, he likes it tho, he ate 4 rolls :) *so you know the rests are eaten by ME :)*

California Roll Sushi

500 gr sushi rice
1 english cucumber - remove seeds and cut into strip - 10 cm long and 1/2 cm thick (do not peel the skin off)
200 gr immitation crab stick - cut into halve
1 avocado - peel and cut into wedges
8 sheets of Nori
50 gr Tobiko (flying fish roe) - (you may use masago too)
Tezu - prepare in a small bowl of water mixed with a small amount of unsweetened rice vinegar for moistening your fingertips only.
Wasabi and Japanese mayonnaise (optional)

Lay nori on a bamboo mat and place it on a flat plate (or any flat surface tools). Spread sushi rice on the nori, give some space on the tip of the nori (approx. 5 cm). Your nori should cover the entire rice sheet side to side and towards you. Arrange cucumber, avocado and immitation crab meat in the center of your nori sheet.

Roll the side nearest you to form a center cone of ingredients surrounded by nori. Pull out the wrap at the end of your roll and overlap the ingredients roll over the last band of rice. By pulling and lightly squeezing your mat, form your roll circular-wise.

Gently set your roll to the side and spread tobiko on it. Cut it into 8 pieces. Serve it with soy sauce and wasabi.

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