I bet everyone knows what minestrone is *also known as macaroni soup in my family*. The first time I cooked this soup, my hubby was asking me, "What is it called?", then I told him that was macaroni soup. He laughed and said that for them it was minestrone! I heard 'minestrone' alot, and kinda know what it was look like, but I didn't really expect minestrone same as macaroni soup :).

My minestrone was quite simple, and since I made it from scratch so the soup's color wasn't as red as the original minestrone, but for the taste.....my hubby said my minestrone alot better and more tasty than the one he ate at the restaurant (from the look mine is more attracted).

It is healthy cos it contains more vegies than meats. A good choice if you want a quick and easy but healthy cooking :)

Also, I am going to present this recipe to Masak Bareng Event - February '10 edition. Enjoy guys!

Minestrone (Sup Makaroni)

5 stalks of big celery, washed and sliced (approx. 1 cm wide)
1 cup of corn (Belzy -- I used the frozen corn)
3 pieces of chicken fillet
3 pieces of tomato, seedless and diced
150 gram of macaroni (or elbow pasta), boil until soft and fluffy
650 cc water
5 tbsps of fish sauce
Salt and sugar to taste

Drain chicken fillet from the broth. Let it cool, then shred it with hands. Boil chicken broth, put the shredded chicken back into the broth. Add celery, corn and boiled macaroni. Boil for about 3 minutes or until boiling. Add in fish sauce, salt and sugar until reach the taste you want. Before you turn off the heat, add in tomato, stirring gradually until boiling. Turn off the heat and remove the pan from the heat. Serve it with chilli sauce (if desire)


  1. oalahhhh...minestrone itu sup makaroni?..baru tau jugaa guaaa..selama ini sih gua ga pernah masak, nyokap iya, tp gua ga doyan2 amat, soalnya kan lama2 tuh makaroni ngembang...trus gua ya males aja, makan sih tp dikit :), btw pake nutmeg ga bel bikinnya?

  2. iya tik, gue juga kaget pas tau ternyata sama ama sup makaroni :)).
    Gue sih sejak di sini aja jadi agak sering bikin minestrone, dulu mah boro2 deh :). Kalo gue sih kagak pake nutmeg yah tik, asli simple banget dah gue :)

  3. sup makaroni di rumah poponya clo sebetulnya sup biasa tapi ditambahin makaroni aja.. baru tau kalo sup makaroni beneran tuh kayak gini hehhee...

  4. kalo nyokap gue sih bikin sup makaroni begini Xiao. Maksud lo, sup daging biasa yang pake wortel kentang itu yah xiao?