It's been long time I want to make crab asparagus soup by myself. As we know, this soup is very expensive in Indonesia, I guess, the asparagus and crab made the price of a small bowl soup is expensive.

Then, I found this recipe from here (thank's Esther for sharing the simple and great recipe ;)). I added shredded chicken and fish sauce, also I did a little changes on the recipe.
This is my first homemade crab asparagus soup, also, my hubby first soup :). And......he liked it so much!!

Sop Kepiting Asparagus (Crab Asparagus Soup)

4 cups of chicken broth
1 can of white asparagus (328 gr) - cut each stem into matches sizes
1 can of white crab meat (170 gr)
2 pieces of chicken fillet, boiled and shredded
1/2 piece of carrot, shredded
1/2 tsp of salt
2 tbsps of fish sauce
2 tsps of oyster sauce
Garlic Powder
5 tsps of tapioca starch
1/3 cup of water
2 piece of eggs, beaten
Heat up a 4 cups of chicken broth in a pan. Put in shredded carrot, white asparagus, chicken and crab meat. Then add salt, fish sauce, oyster sauce, pepper and garlic powder. Stir until all blended evenly. In a separate bowl, mix the tapioca starch with 1/3 cup of water, then pour into the hot soup while keep on stirring until the soup becomes thicken. Turn low the heat, keep on stirring and slowly pour in the beaten egg. Let the soup boils then ready to serve.

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