Where else can I find lemper in this far far away country, unless my homey kitchen room :). Yup, I made my homemade lemper, and it is really a good lemper, though this snack needs me to spend half of my day to prepare ALL the ingredients. But all of my efforts are worthed when I heard my hubby said, "It is good!" :)

Many thanks to Dapur Bunda for the recipe :).


A whole piece of banana leave

For Glutinous rice:
500 gram glutinous rice
500 cc coconut milk
2 pieces of bay leave
1 stalk of lemon grass, smashed
1/2 tsp of salt

For Filling:
4 pieces of chicken fillet - boil and shred
4 pieces of bay leave
6 pieces of kaffir lime leave
200 ml coconut milk
1 tbsp tamarind juice
2 tbsp vegetable oil

Spice Paste:
5 cloves of shallot
3 cloves of garlic
3 pieces of candle nut - panbroil
1 tbsp coriander - panbroil
1 tbsp sugar

For Glutinous Rice:
Soak the glutinous rice for 2 hours, wash and drain.
Steam it for 15 minutes. Dish it out, set aside.
Boil coconut milk, bay leave, lemon grass and salt until boiling. Add in glutinous rice, cook it with low heat until the coconut milk absorbed by the glutinous rice. Set aside.

For Filling:
Stir fry spice paste until fragrant. Stir in coconut milk, shredded chicken, bay leave, kaffir lime leave and tamarind juice until cooked and no more left coconut milk. Dish it out and set aside.

Prepare a square pan, grease it with oil. Place 1/2 of glutinous rice, make sure it covers the pan.
Then, spread in the filling - spread well. Last layer, cover it with the remaining glutinous rice.
Steam it well. Cool it down before you cut it into square form. Wrap it with banana leave. Ready to serve.

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  1. wah rajin bener dibungkus pake daun pisang...gua bikin lemper ga pernah pake hehehe..