When I was a kid, there was an auntie in our neighborhood who sold kue lupis. Hers was so good, the lupis was so soft and I never found that kind lupis at other place. Some shops were selling lupis too, but theirs weren't that soft. So, to me the auntie's lupis is the best.

Then, when I was about at junior high school, we never buy kue lupis from the auntie anymore. I heard from my mom, the auntie was fallen sick and noone regenerated her kue lapis.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I really want to eat kue lupis, perhaps it's because I saw lupis at My Kitchen. But, unfortunately, I lived in this far far away country, so I'm unable buy it. The only way is making it by myself. I searched the recipe and I found it here.

The recipe is really simple and needn't too much ingredients. The only struggle thing for me is wrapping. You need to make sure the glutinous rice are tightly wrapped with banana leaves. It's alot easier than wrapping bacang tho! :).

On my first bite.....gosh....it reminds me to auntie's kue lupis. The texture of the lupis is so soft and the taste just like auntie's kue lupis. I'm just so happy to find this recipe :)......


For Lupis:
500 gr glutinous rice
1/2 tbsp lime stone water
Banana leaves

For sugar sauce:
150 gr Indonesian palm sugar, shredded
75 cc water
1 piece of pandan leaf

For coconut coating: (steamed)
150 gr grated coconut
1 tsp salt

Soak glutinous rice in the water for 1 hour. Then, wash and rinse it. Drain it from the water. Drizzle with lime stone water, toss it evenly. Ready to use.
Cut banana leaves into 3-inches (7.5cm) wide, then wrap the glutinous rice with the banana leaves into triangle shape. Please go to this link to see the steps of glutinous rice wrapping.
Place all the uncooked lupis in a deep stewpan then pour water until all the uncooked lupis is covered by water. Boil it for 2 to 3 hours over medium high heat.
Cool it first before the lupis is ready to unwrap. After the lupis is unwrapped, dump it into steamed coconut and coating the lupis with the coconut.
Place the coated lupis on a serving plate and pour the sauce. Then....let's eat :0

Heat the Indonesian palm sugar, pandan leaf and water over high heat until the palm sugar is melted. Remove from the heat, ready to use.


  1. gile napsuin banget...gw kecil juga doyan ini bel...malah minggu2 lalu gw bilang papa clarissa kepengen lupis wakakak

    tambah ngiler liat di blog ini, besok rabu beli ah di pasar sambil nunggu clarissa sklh..(gak pernah buat lupis mending beli) wakakkaa

  2. yum yum yum...gue juga suka lupis, bel...

  3. @Felicia: hahha iye fel, gue doyan bener waktu kecil, trus lamaaaa banget ga perna makan lupis gara2 itu si tante tetangga gue ga jualan lagi.
    Hhahaah iyeeee mendingan beli aje, ini aja yah gara2 di sini ga ada yang jual tapi gue pengen bener makan jadinya mo ga mo deh bikin, yang ribet tuh pas bungkusin lupis nya oiii...

  4. @Yenny: hooh yen, enak yah lupis :)

  5. Huwaaaaah... buk bel dagangane jan tambah akeh ae... sebungkus buk buat buka puasa :D

  6. @Tata: huehehehe....hayukkk atuhhh di comot aja lupisnya :)....

  7. liat blog ini kakiku gatal mau ke pasar nyari lupis, hehehe :D :D

  8. @TBC: hayukkkk makan lupis yukkk :)

  9. minta buat bahan tugas sekolah ya :) btw blognya bagus banget, followed.

  10. @Walter: hi walter, silahkan kalo mo dibuat tugas sekolah :). Kamu sekolah kulinari ya? Ma kasih pujiannya ya :).