For some reason, to me, Indonesian meatballs are different than any other meatballs I ever ate. From the texture and the taste are all different. That is why I forced myself to make the meatballs by myself.

And, I found the recipe from NCC. It is good!! The meatballs' texture is a little bit chewy, really reminds me to 'abang bakso' near my home in Jakarta. I made 2 kinds of meatballs, meatball with egg filling and regular meatball. So, I used 3 times recipes from the original recipe.

Now, let's try it....

Bakso Bihun Kuah

750 gr beef leg
300 gr cubed ice
2 tbsps salt (Belzy - if you like salty, you can add another 1 tbsp)
120 gr tapioca flour or sago flour
4 eggs, hard boiled
2 liter boiling water
A half pack rice vermicelli, soak in the water until soft and boiled
A bunch of yu choy (or choy sum), cut and boil
2 tbsps fried shallot
2 tbsps spring onion, sliced
4 cloves garlic, paste it with mortar&pestle
Salt, sugar and pepper, to taste

Chilli sauce (recipe below)

Blend beef and cubed ice in food processor until smooth. Blend in salt until thoroughly mixed, and add in tapioca flour, mix until thoroughly mixed.
In a big bowl, prepare a very cold water.
For regular meatballs, squeeze the meat mixture through your thumb and index fingers, and shape it into ball shape. Or, using 2 spoons and form the meat mixture into ball form. Dump the meatballs everytime you done with the forming.
For meatballs with egg filling, wrap the egg with meat mixture, and shape it into a ball shape. Dump it into cold water.
After you done the forming thingy, boil 2 liter water until boiled. Then, dump all the meatballs into the boiling water, boil them until the meatballs' color changed and they are floating. Season with garlic, salt, sugar and pepper, to taste.

To assemble:
In a serving bowl, put boiled rice vermicelli and yu choy. Pour in the meatballs and the soup. Sprinkle with spring onion and fried shallot. Serve it with chilli sauce

Chilli Sauce

4 cloves garlic
5 - 10 thai chillis or bird's eye chilli
Salt and sugar, to taste
1 piece lime
1 tbsp water

Pound the garlic and thai chilli with mortar & pestle until almost smooth, pound in sugar and salt until mixed. Add in water and squeeze in lime. Ready to serve.


  1. Iya bener, palagi meatballs yg dijual frozen di supermarket asia, rasa dan texturenya sama sekali jauh dari bakso abang2 di Indo ataupun bakso yg dijual singkoh2 di Indo.

  2. Gile Bel itu baksonya ada yg gede amat... gw tebak, itu yg isinya telor yah? Mauuu

  3. duuuhhh....aq dah 2 kali buat biji bakso sendiri..
    udah enak....seperti kata dikau bakso kita gak ada 2nya..
    tapi permukaannya kok masih kasar n bruntul2..punya dikay jauh lebih bagus tuh..

  4. @BB: ember syl, bakso abang2 ato engko2 di indo tuh emang enak yahhh...ga ada duanya dah :)

  5. @Tine: hahhaaah nyoiii betulll, itu isi telor uenakkkkk :)....yaaa baru abis tine...huehehehhe...

  6. @Elly: iyaaa bener2, eh tapi bakso ku juga ga gitu mulus2 amat loh el, aku juga bingung gimana yah caranya supaya bisa mulus, aku liat di foto nya ncc sih, ntu bu Fatmah mulus loh baksonya....

  7. aih2 bell!! lo tuh kalo masak bener2 mikir detail yah... ampe tuh krupuk juga ada..
    ckckck... i really2... wonder what ur kithcen looks like.. semua accessories makanan kyaknya ada nih

  8. @Patzie: huahahahhaa.....jadi malu abis saya doyan makan sih...hueheheheheh :). Gue sih biasanya suka beli2 aja pat, meski pas beli tuh ga gitu butuh, cuma gue suka stok, dan biasanya gue beli kering nya, kayak krupuk gitu gue beli yang mentahnya, jadi lebi awet :). Dapur sih dari luar lumayan rapi, cuma lemari2 dapurnya penuhhhh...ampe lemari kaca akhire gue pake buat naro bahan masakan kering laennya...hahhaha.
    Anyway, thank you yah pat :)

  9. Can I have your permission to use your recipe that if you don't mind? I have tried other bakso recipe but the ball is not crunchy therefore I am trying to try different recipe. Pls advice. Thank you.

    1. Hi Hochiak, yes you can try my recipe. To be able to produce crunchiness in the meatballs you should make sure using ICE CUBES. In my recipe, I use it when I processed the meat and to dip the meatballs after shaping. Wish you luck :). I know its not easy to find a good bakso recipe :).