Wow...wow...wow...what a cute name for a dish! Yep, a cute name with a good taste!
Peri Peri Chicken is the most famous menu from Nando's Restaurant. Nando's is originally from South Africa (thanks to my dearest blog friend, Anjuli who gave me the info, because all these times I always think Nando's is originally from Malaysia!!). They have several franchise all around the world. Well, I can't say all around the world, but few countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and USA has it.

The first time I tried Peri Peri Chicken was when I lived in Indonesia. And, since that day I just simply love it. Especially I love spicy :). But don't worry, if you dislike spicy, you can choose the mild one, so it will not spicy at all! *oups...don't trust my judgement because I love SUPER EXTREME SPICY :)*.

Now, it's been ages I didn't eat Peri Peri Chicken because I can't find Nando's Restaurant at the area where I lived. Sadly, I almost forget about it!! Until, I saw a photo of my friend who ate at Nando's Restaurant and there were a photo of a full set Peri Peri Chicken. Suddenly, my mouth is watering and my jaw is almost drop looking at the chicken! And believe me, tho it just a photo but it looks good and really tempting.

So, I rushed to ask Mr. Google and there were loads of "Nando's" Peri Peri Chicken recipes. All the recipes are very similar one to another. So I decided to make my own Peri Peri Chicken recipe.

While the chicken was baked in the oven, I crossed my fingers hoping it will taste good. And.....voila.....it tasted good! My hubby liked it and I am happy cos I can eat Nando's Peri Peri Chicken anytime :).

PS: My Peri Peri Chicken is spicy tho I put "Mild" sticker on it :). So, you should reduce the chilli if you dislike spicy.

Peri Peri Chicken

6 piece chicken drumstick

Marinade Sauce:
1/2 cup olive oil
1 red bell pepper, small diced
2-3 tsps salt
70 ml apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar
1 red chilli pepper
5 green thai bird's chilli, sliced
4 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced
Lemon juice from 1/2 lemon
2 tbsps oregano

1. Saute garlic and red bellpepper until fragrant over medium high heat. Pour in vinegar and lemon juice. Reduce the heat. Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Add in the remaining ingredients. Stir it for about 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from the stove.

2. Pour the chilli-vinegar mixture into a food processor or blender. Process it until fine and smooth. Keep it in the refrigerator and let it cool.

3. Place the chicken in the plastic bag (food saver bag). Pour 2/3 the cold chilli-vinegar mixture. And reserve the rest for additional condiment after the chicken is baked.

4. Marinate the chicken for 2 hours. Bake the chicken over 350F until both sides are brown. Once in a while bash the chicken with the marinade sauce. Don't forget to turn the chicken so it can baked evenly.

5. Serve it with rice and salad. Also, you can pour the reserved sauce over the chicken on the serving plate. Enjoy


  1. Looks good, palagi dingin2 kayak gini. Mau coba ah, thanks for sharing ya.

  2. We had a Nandos in Ghana- and I LOVE peri peri chicken- and peri peri sauce of any kind. Speaking of which- the actual first Nandos restaurant was started in South Africa and then went all over the world- and there used to be one here in seattle- not sure if it is still here.

    Belinda you truly are a GREAT cook - the chicken dish looks soooooo good!!!!! I'm sure it tasted MUCH better than it looks!!!!

  3. @BB: iyaaa...enak banget ini ayam sil. Tapi kalo elo ga gitu suka pedes cabenya kurangin ya sil. Resep gue ini cabenya pedessss :). Your welcome :)

  4. @Anjuli: Really?? Oh my....it means I gave an inacurrate info!! Thank you so much for the clarification. All this time, I always heard that Nando's is from Malaysia :(. I will correct the info then :).
    That will be great if Nando's is still here. I should check it out! I love Nando's. Might be because I love spicy food :).
    Ahhh....thank you ps. Connie :). If you love spicy, I guess you'll like mine cos I made it spicy (not mild) hehe...

  5. gue akan bikin ini belll krn ane blom pernah cobain nandoooo,, btw thai chili kyk gimana sih>

  6. Bikin fon, enak nih...hueheheh gue doyannn...:). Oh thai chilli tuh cabe rawit. Biasanya suka juga di sebut thai bird's chilli. Kalo di tempat lu ga ada pake aja cabe gede fon.

  7. Thanks again Belz, I made it yesterday, and we had it for dinner just now. Everybody loves it. I didn't put too much chillies.

  8. @BB: Your welcome Syl :). I'm glad you and your family like it :).

  9. uenak nih, another great chicken recipe
    pppssttt...your pic is more tempting than Nando's :P

  10. @Alice: iya ayam nandos enak yah lis. Aku juga doyan banget, cuma aja di sini ga ada nandos jadinya kudu bikin ndiri. Hahahahaha....fotoku jadi the winner dari nandos dong yah tapi rasa blom tentu...huehehehehe :)