I saw baked rice from Rita's blog, then it made me wondering how's the taste of cheese, soy sauce and rice in one plate. So, I sourced the recipe, and from all the recipes, I chose this one.

I never eat hongkong pork chop baked rice before, and honestly to think of eating rice with cheese somehow made me lose my appetite. But, I can't judge the taste of food by my imagination only, right. So, this morning after my hubby left for shooting with his friends, I prepared everything needed to make baked rice.
The recipe itself is simple, only the amount of ingredients are alot! But luckily, I have almost all the ingredients :).

As usual, I mixed and matched the ingredients that I don't have. Also, I added carrots and mushrooms. Actually the changes were not too significant.
Suprisingly, this cheesy-chinese-baked-rice is turned so good! No wonder, this dish are very famous in Hongkong *you should try it then you'll know what I meant*.

And the funny thing is happened. When I snapped the photos, there was one photo that I want to show the inside of the baked rice, so I scooped one tablespoon of baked rice. Since I don't want to waste it, so i ate it, and it tasted really good!! Then, after I am done with the photos, I scooped another spoons and another and another....until I realized I ate almost half of the baked rice!! Luckily, I made enough for the rest of the day, so my hubby, for sure, has a chance to taste it ;).

So, are you wondering like me when I saw the pics' of this cheesy baked rice? Then, let's make it... :)

Hongkong Pork Chop Baked Rice

4 cups cooked rice
8 pieces pork chop (Belzy - pork butt, pork shoulder are all ok)
1 large onion, cut into wedges
1 bell peppers, julienned
2 big carrots, julienned
3 tomatoes, diced

1 tsp salt
1 tsp white pepper
1 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsps fish sauce
2 tbsps corn starch

4 tbsps shaoxing wine
2 tbsps tomato paste (Belzy -- tomato sauce is ok)
3 tbsps sweet Thai chilli sauce
2 tbsps worcestershire sauce
2 tbsps chilli sauce
2 tsps light soy sauce
1 tsp white pepper
2-4 tbsps water
Olive oil

For pork:
Marinade the porks for approx. 30 minutes or more.
Pan fry the pork slices until brown on both sides. Set asied for later use.

For sauce:
Stir fry mushrooms until the water comes out. Drain the mushrooms from the water. Set aside.
Heat oil over high heat,stir in onions until soft. Stir in carrots, stir fry until half soft. Stir in mushrooms, bell pepper and tomatoes. Lower heat to medium, then mix in shaoxing wine, tomato pasta, sweet thai chilli sauce, chilli sauce, worcestershire sauce, light soy sauce, fish sauce and white pepper. Stir fry until the sauce is bubbling.

To assemble:
In an ovenproof dish, spread over cooked rice. Then arrange fried pork chop on the rice. Pour sauce on the pork chop. Sprinkle it with cheese generously. Bake in the preheated 350`F oven for 20 to 30 minutes or until the cheese is melted.


  1. This looks wonderful!! I order something like this at a Hong Kong type of restaurant, and I love it! Thanks for providing the recipe for it!

  2. @RP: Hi there :). Thank you for the compliment. Please try this recipe, and let me know what do u think about this recipe :).

  3. Waah, jadi kemaren2 Buk Bel sibuk masak ini ya? :D

  4. @Tata: hahahaha.....iya taaa....cobain deh ta, pake ayam/sapi juga enak loh ini...:)

  5. Loooooks exactly like Resto food!!!

    Bel, urusin ijinnya disana..buka resto..ayoo ayoo..sayang banget talent lu ini..*hux..*

  6. @Elrica: huaaa....saya jadi geer nih el. Iya nih el pengen deh....smoga asap yah bisa punya resto...

  7. waduh Bel , ini enak bgt kliatannya, ijin copy ya.. resep lo semuanya enak2 ya!! kalo lagi browsing blog eloe perut gue sampe bunyi kruyukan hahahaha

  8. @Stella: hihihih iyaa bener la, ini yah enak banget ni. Gue uda ampe bikin 2 apa 3 kali.....cobain deh la, mana bikinnya ga susah juga ga ribet :). Hehehehehe......berarti kudu dicoba nih la resepnya kalo ampe perut lo kruyukan ....:)