Chatting with my long-lost-friend Selly did result homemade food! That's cool, isn't that? We really sound like 'emak2' :).

One day, she made ayam kalasan based on her mom's recipe, and shared the recipe to me. And I am too happy to not make it, because I loved ayam kalasan since I was a little girl.

The taste is really good *to me, a lot better than the one which sold at Indonesian resto here. No offend tho*. Just reminds me to those old days when I lived with my parents and siblings...... *miss you alot guys!*
This time, I tried to bake it instead of fry it. Think, bake is alot healthier than fry, isn't it? ;)

Ayam Kalasan
Source: Selly

A whole chicken, rinse and cut into 8 pieces
1 log of Indonesian palm sugar
4 pieces of bay leaves
2 cm of galangal, smashed
500 cc of coconut milk
Salt and pepper, to taste

Spice paste:
7 cloves shallots
5 cloves garlic
3 pieces candlenut
1-1/2 tsp cumin powder

Boil coconut milk, Indonesian palm sugar, bay leaves, galangal, spice paste, season with salt and pepper, to taste. Add in the chicken, stir well. Bring to simmer until the coconut milk is reduced *thick-alike*.
Separate the chicken from the coconut milk. Place the chicken in a baking sheet. Bake it in the preheated 350`F oven until golden brown. Serve it with yellow saffron rice and sambal bajak.

Sambal Bajak ala Ayam Kalasan

3 tbsps sambal oelek
3 cloves shallots
2 cloves garlic
1 tomato
1/2 tsp belachan
Salt and sugar, to taste

Boil the tomato, then pasted with pestle&mortar together with the rest of ingredients. Bring to simmer the chilli paste, then add in the remaining coconut milk from the ayam kalasan. Simmering until the chilli produced oil.


  1. Bake is healthier.. tapi kynya kl gw sih sering bake krn males kecipratan minyak Bel... hahahaahahhahha. Lagian hasilnya lebih crispy jg malah kl bake yah. Ga ada tetesan2 minyak lg :D

    BTW, emang kok resto indo sini ga enak.... hihihihi

  2. Aku juga demen tuh ama ayam Kalasan, mau coba ah. Br td sore si Jake blg dia hy doyan nasi kuning.

  3. hehhehehe ayam kalasan mah enak ya, bel

  4. @Tine: yup...I agree! Bener banget, kalo goreng2 tuh sebelnya minyak nyiprat kemana2, selaen kompor jadi sekompor2 kotor, juga kadang suka ampe ke lante2! Jadi mendingan di bake deee :).
    Huahhahaahaha.......tst deh ye kite tine...resto mana yang dimaksud :).

  5. @Sylvia: Iya sil, enak deh, coba aja bikin. Trus kalo mo bikin nasi kuningnya, mendingan beli yellow saffron rice sil, beli di cost plus world market, murahhhh banget 1 sachet cuma 89 cents doang. Gue biasa skali masak pake 2 sachet itu bisa makan ampe 2 kali loh buat bedua hubby. Gue sih skarang kalo pas mo makan nasi kuning mendingan beli yellow saffron rice, rasanya mirip nasi kuning indo juga :).

  6. @Yenny: hooh yen, gue malah lebi doyan ayam kalasan ketimbang ayam goreng kuning loh :)